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Let Us Be Your Partner in Patient Care.

Our premier diagnostic services offer a better-defined diagnosis, risk prediction and personalized treatment options.

At GoPath Laboratories, we provide a wide-range of cutting-edge testing options to give you the most current data available for diagnosis, prognosis and predicting treatment resistance. By focusing on patient care, we partner with clinicians to offer guidance on targeted therapies, available clinical trials and staging.

Some of our most recent development are:

          •     OncoTarget® Genetic Testing for Solid Tumors
          •     Liquid Biopsy for EGFR Lung Cancer
          •     BCR-ABL1 Diagnostic for CML
          •     CystoSnapTM for Bladder Cancer
          •     GoProDxTM Prostate Cancer Prognostics (PTEN/ERG FISH)
          •     GI Pathogens Panel (tests 14 common pathogens)
          •     Hereditary Cancer Testing (BRCA & Lynch syndrome)