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Urological Pathology

The mission of our specialized and dedicated genitourinary pathologists is not only to make accurate diagnoses, but to strive to bring a personalized approach to each and every case. Our pathologists are skilled in all aspects of urologic pathology, including classification of renal and urothelial neoplasms.  Our services include consultation service in prostate, bladder, kidney and testicular pathology. Our genitourinary anatomic pathology services includes immunohistochemistry, urine cytology, chemistries and microbiology. We also offer in-house molecular diagnostics featuring the latest panels for PCA3, Urine FISH, PTEN/ERG, and other relevant testing. 

Here are the services we promise:
• Live case review by our 
  fellowship-trained pathologists
• Immediate contact made for all 
  malignancies or unusual findings
• Trouble-free logistics that ensure safe arrival 
  of bx and a timely delivery of results
• Readily available second opinions
  from top academic centers
• Collaboration on interesting cases
  for research projects, if desired
• Connectivity solutions customized to 
  streamline test ordering & retrieval
• 24 hour turnaround (TAT)
• Pathologists available for consultation  
Urological Molecular Test Menu

Prostate Cancer
• GoProDxTM Prostate Cancer
Prognostic Panel: PTEN/ERG (FISH)
Download the GoProDxTM Technical Flyer

Bladder Cancer
• Urine FISH (reflex to CystoSnapTM 
if negative)
• CystoSnapTM - Identifies low grade
urothelial carcinoma
Download the CystoSnapTM Technical Flyer

Solid Tumor and Liquid Biopsy
NGS-based series to detect mutations
found in solid tumor tissue or in circulating
tumor DNA (ctDNA). Helps predict drug resistance.
Download the OncoTarget Brochure

Anatomic Test Menu
• Prostate Biopsy/seminal vesicle for
staging prostate cancer
• Bladder Biopsy
• Urine Cytology (reflex to Urine FISH)
via ThinPrep & Cytospin
• Kidney Biopsy for tumor
• Skin Biopsy
• Vas Deferens Biopsy
• Testicles Biopsy/Orchiectomy

Genetic Testing Menu

BRCAnow®  Hereditary Testing 
• Detects inherited genetic mutations that
may indicate an increased risk for
BRCA-related cancers including prostate cancer     
Download BRCA Patient Brochure