Business Model-GOPATH
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GoPath offers several opportunities for clients to participate in the diagnostic process and realize additional revenue by billing for the professional portion of services through our tech-only arrangements.
By choosing our tech-only option, you’ll receive only the technical component from our comprehensive menu of cytogenetic testing, FISH panels and probes, and flow cytometry profiles. Your pathologists will receive all of the data they need to analyze and interpret the results from any location. We have partnered with the leaders in remote pathology services (Leica and Bioview) to provide our clients with cutting-edge image and reporting technology. Just log into our secure, encrypted platform to access multiple, high-quality images and data in real-time. If you encounter a difficult case, convert the case to global and your pathologists will be able to consult with our team of hematopathologists who can analyze the case and provide an interpretation.
•         Internet and Mobile Access to All Cases
•         Browser-Based Viewing of Reports
•         Access to High Resolution Case Images Through a Secure, Password-Protected Account
•         Our Pathologists Available for Consultation on Second Opinions

For more information about our tech-only services, please contact us at 855.GOPATH9