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OncoTarget® 125 - Solid Tumor: This NGS-based panel detects genetic alterations of whole exons in 125 well-characterized cancer genes for point mutations, copy number alterations, microsatellite instability (MSI) and rearrangements. Further in-depth computational analyses allow for the precise identification of targeted oncogenic mutations that provides therapeutic options.
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OncoTarget-595 NGS Panel: The NGS-based test analyzes 595 genes relevant to the diagnosis, prognosis and therapeutic targeting of cancer including both solid tumors and hematological malignancies. The test detects single nucleotide variants, copy number amplification and structural alterations as well as microsatellite instability(MSI) and tumor mutation burden (TMB).
Bladder Cancer
•         Urine FISH (reflex on atypical urine cytology)
•         CystoSnapTM – GoPath’s proprietary, highly-sensitive molecular mutational analysis for bladder cancer in the urine
•         Urine FISH reflex to CystoSnapTM
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Brain Cancer
•         Brain Profile: 1p/19q Deletion-FISH, IDH1/IDH2, MGMT Promoter Methylation
•         Individual Markers:
          - 1p/19q Deletion (FISH)
          - IDH1/IDH2,
          - MGMT Promoter Methylation

Breast Cancer 
•         Her-2/neu (FISH)
•         Her-2/neu (IHC)
•         ER (IHC)
•         PR (IHC)
•         Ki-67 (IHC)
•         PTEN (IHC)
•         PIK3CA
•         BRCANow® Hereditary Testing for Breast and Ovarian Cancer
             - BRCANow® (BRCA1/2 & BRCA1/2 dup-del analysis)
             - BRCANow® Plus – HBOC Panel
             - BRCANow® Extended – Comprehensive Risk Panel
             BRCA Individual Testing:
             •         BRCA1 Target Analysis
             •         BRCA2 Target Analysis
             •         Ashkenazi Jewish
             •         BRCA1/2 del/dup Analysis
Download the BRCANow® Patient Brochure

Colon Cancer
•         Colon Profile: KRAS, BRAF, NRAS, PIK3CA
•         miR-31-3p Expression Test
•         Individual Markers:
            - KRAS (exons 2, 3, and 4)
            - BRAF
            - NRAS (exons 2, 3, and 4)
            - PIK3CA
Downlaod the miR-31now™ Brochure

OncoDefenderTM – Early CRC Risk Analysis -  This molecular test predicts recurrence of risk for early stage CRC (Stage I/II)
Familial Adenomatous Polyposis (FAP): This assay detects an inherited genetic mutation in your patient in which numerous adenomatous polyps form. Mutations of APC occurs commonly in cases of colorectal carcinoma, emphasizing the importance of testing for your patients.

Lynch syndrome/HNPCC:
•         MMR IHC (MSH2, MSH6, MLH1 and PMS2)
•         Reflex to MSI (PCR) when MMR intact
•         If loss of MLH1 by IHC reflex to MLH1 – Methylation (MethylTek® ) – GoPath’s proprietary, quantitative methylation-specific PCR assay
•         BRAF reflex to MLH-1 Methylation (MethylTek®)
•         Microsatellite Instability (MSI)
•         LynchNowTM
            – This protocol screens for DNA mismatch repair (MMR) proteins by way of immunohistochemistry
                - LynchNowTM (MLH1, MSH2, MSH6, PMS2, EPCAM only)
                - LynchNowTM Plus – HNPCC Panel
                - LynchNowTM Extended – Comprehensive Risk Panel
                - Individual Testing:
             •         MLH1 Comprehensive Analysis
             •         PMS2 Comprehensive Analysis
             •         MSH2 Comprehensive Analysis
             •         MSH6 Comprehensive Analysis
             •         EPCAM Comprehensive Analysis
             •         MLH1 Target Analysis
             •         MSH2 Target Analysis
             •         MSH6 Target Analysis
             •         PMS2 Target Analysis
Download the LynchNowTM Technical Flyer
Download the Lynch Syndrome Patient Brochure

Gastric Cancer
•         Her-2/neu (FISH)
•         Her-2/neu (IHC)

Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor (GIST)
•         GIST Profile: cKIT (for GIST tumors), PDGFR, BRAF
•         Individual Markers:
            - C-kit (CD117)
            - BRAF
            - PDGFR

GeneticsNow® Series - Hereditary Testing via BRCANow®, LynchNowTM and ProstateNowTM
Multigene, NGS-based panels test for mutations associated with a variety of hereditary cancers, with a focus on both HBOC (hereditary breast and ovarian cancer), Lynch syndrome cancers and hereditary prostate cancer
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Download the LynchNowTM Technical Flyer
Download the Lynch Syndrome Patient Brochure

Lung Cancer
•         Driver Profile: EGFR Mutation, ALK (FISH), ROS1 (FISH), PDL1 (IHC)
•         Expanded Driver Profile: EGFR Mutation, ALK (FISH) and ROS1 (FISH), BRAF, MET (FISH), RET (FISH), PDL1 (IHC)
            - Individual Markers:
                - EGFR
                - BRAF
                - ALK (FISH)
                - ROS1 (FISH)
                - MET (FISH)
                - RET (FISH)
                - PDL1 (IHC)
•         EGFR by Peripheral Blood (Liquid Bx) - Download the EGFR Liquid Bx Flyer
•         EGFR T790M Drug Resistance:
                - Solid Tumor
                - Liquid Biopsy
•         ALK (FISH) by Peripheral Blood (CTCs): The detection of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) in the peripheral blood followed by genetic analysis of ALK by FISH

•         Melanoma Profile: BRAF, NRAS, cKIT, PDL1 (IHC)
•         Individual Markers:
          - BRAF
          - NRAS
          - KIT
          - PDL1 (IHC)

Ovarian Cancer
•         BRAF
•         KRAS
•         PIK3CA
PDL1-PD1 Pathway
•         This test assesses expression of PDL-1 on tumor cells for efficacy of PDL-1 blockade immune therapy.

Prostate Cancer
•         GoProDx®  Prostate Cancer Prognostics
              - PTEN FISH
              - ERG FISH
              - ERG IHC 
              - PCA3 (Dx for prostate cancer)
Download the GoProDx®  Technical Flyer

•         ProstateNowTM  for Hereditary Prostate Cancer Risk
            – This 14-panel assay detects mutations that are associated with hereditary prostate cancer and related cancers  

Thyroid Cancer
•         ThyroiNowTM – This highly sensitive digital thyroid panel uses ddPCR to test for the most common thyroid mutations (BRAF, KRAS, NRAS)
•         Individual Markers:
             ·         BRAF
             ·         KRAS
             ·         NRAS
•         Thyroid FISH
             ·         RET
Download the ThyroiNowTM Technical Flyer

Tumor of Unknown Primary
•         Cancer Type ID (Send out)

Download the Solid Tumor Molecular Requisition
Download the Hereditary Cancer Requisition