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GoPathConnectTM offers a variety of cloud-based, fully-integrated technology solutions to help our pharmaceutical partners stay connected to their trial’s test results at all times. We have partnered with the leaders in remote pathology technology to allow our clients to view data from any location in a secure, encrypted environment. 

Technology Partners:

•      BioView
•      Leica Biosystems
•      Luminex
•      PGDx
•      Illumina
•      BioRad

Connectivity Solutions:

•      Dedicated Project Manager to Oversee Connectivity Implementation
•      Safe, Encrypted, HIPAA-Compliant Data Environment
•      High Resolution Slide and FISH Images Viewed Online
•      Log-in and View Data 24/7 From Any Web Browser
•      Real-Time Report Status
•      Secure, Password-Protected Account

For more information about GoPath ConnectTM, please contact us at 855.GOPATH9