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GoPath’s PharmaTarget™ team applies clinical and translational research experience to drug & biomarker development pipelines. We have developed 68 validated biomarker assays that supported over 30 oncology therapies in clinical trials: 
          ■  Biomarker-directed patient selection   ■   FDA Accelerated Approval   ■   Indication Expansion
We are a full-service, centralized, CAP-accredited and CLIA-certified laboratory offering specialized pathology, genomic, proteomic and cell biology testing services tailored to clinical trials and drug & biomarker development programs.
Clinical Research Solutions
One drug will not work for every patient, which is why there is an increased focus on personalized medicine to treat cancer. A patient’s response to a therapy depends on genomic and proteomic differentiation. For a clinical trial to be successful, patients need to be selected carefully. 
Our PharmaTarget™ team has worked with many pharmaceutical companies to develop comprehensive market access strategies for specific drug development needs. Our extensive involvement in biotechnology and pharmaceutical research has helped us to better understand a drug’s Mechanism of Action (MOA). We can identify cancer biomarkers and create assays that provide insight into tumor biology and a drug’s MOA. Our team knows how to identify the patients who likely will benefit the most from a treatment based on their tumor’s genetic makeup. This research has resulted in improved clinical timelines, indication expansion, and the accurate identification of biomarkers of therapeutic response and resistance. 

Centralized Specimen Shipment
Our customer-friendly, streamlined diagnostic testing approach (proteomic and genomic) minimizes sample output but maximizes CAP/CLIA biomarker data and diagnostic yield.