New Test Release: OncoTarget for Solid Tumor

New Test Release: OncoTarget for Solid Tumor

OncoTargetTM - 88 was created specifically for cancer patients. This highly-sensitive, NGS-based testing series examines the full exons of 88 well-characterized cancer genes found in solid tumors for point mutations, copy number alterations, microsatellite instability (MSI), and rearrangements. An IHC panel of cancer-immune markers is also included to identify potential targeted therapies for treatment.
New Test Release: OncoTarget for Solid TumorOncoTargetTM provides oncologists with clinically-actionable data including:
    •    A complete list of all identifiable mutations
    •    Relevant FDA-approved drugs
    •    Current clinical trials specific to your patient's cancer 

Our OncoTargetTM - 88 Analysis Includes:
    •    Sequence analysis for 76 well-characterized cancer genes
    •    Copy number analysis for 13 well-characterized cancer genes
    •    Rearrangement analysis for 14 well-characterized cancer genes
    •    Microsatellite instability analysis for 5 markers

Insurance and Payment:
We accept all commercial insurances. If insurance does not cover OncoTargetTM testing, we offer a financial assistance program including discounted pricing and payment plans.

To learn more about OncoTargetTM  download our complete OncoTarget brochure or contact us at 855.GOPATH9.